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It all started when a couple of guys finally reached the end of their rope and decided to DO SOMETHING! The utter absurdity of the actions of D.C. from BOTH parties, against the will of the people and counter to the interest of the country became TOO MUCH!


We designed and posted a billboard and within 24 hours it had literally gone viral GLOBALLY!  How? We believe it was an “Emperor has no clothes” moment done with a little humor. Everybody knew it, but nobody would say it. How true it was! Then it got much worse…Thirteen dead service men and women and countless Americans trapped and still held hostage. Yesterday’s news for D.C.! They’ve moved on to the next fake outrage of the day.


We learned from the experience. IF you present a message in a creative, humorous way it can catch on…BIG TIME. And so, Time 2 Act USA was born. Bottom line, Be Different! Get Attention!

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Since then, we’ve bought billboards in over 20 states with a variety of messages. (Scroll to bottom) all designed to call attention to issues DC and the media want you to forget. All of our messaging is unique, creative and often humorous. We point out the absurdity of these times and particularly the utter ineptness of the current regime. It would be funny if they weren’t DESTROYING the country.

Our beef is bipartisan. We hold both parties to blame. We have allowed DC to grow into an unmanageable, unaccountable and unresponsive corrupt disaster. It has become the enemy of the people…BOTH parties. It is literally the most lucrative job available with absolutely no accountability. Go to DC. Get rich. Do nothing. To quote Harry Truman: 

“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.”

It’s high time we took a stand and returned DC to a government REPRESENTATIVE of the people. But HOW? By refusing to let the media and DC (One in the same) define the narrative everyday…to their benefit. We will be using unique marketing strategies to influence the discussion and make sure American citizens are heard! You will notice our efforts. They are meant to STAND OUT! 

Will it work? Who knows. But we’re gonna damn well try!

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